The Cult of Beauty

These paintings explore associations with the notion of the ‘Body Beautiful’. Are we beautiful enough, too old, over-weight, too thin, is our hair glossy, and our profile acceptable to others?


Parfam – Study 1
Drawing Parfam – Study 1
Parfum Study II

The Voyeur – after ‘Susannah & The Elders’ / by Artemisia Gentileschi

Head Study: ‘Susannah & The Elders’ Artemesia Gentileschi
The Voyeur – Study II
Study The Voyeur


WIP: The Cult of Beauty – Panel x2
Commenced Oct 2018
War Paint
Mirror, Mirror
Here’s Looking at You Kid ___________________________________


The Impermanence of Self
Ave Gratia Plena – PramDepot Auction
Prism – after Artemisia Gentileschi
Today’s Tango – 2017
Takes 2 2 Tango – 2017
Eye of The Beholder – 2015
Cyber 1 – 2015
Age of Innocence – 2015
Study – Age of Innocence
Chalk & Cheese
(Double Portrait of same sitter)