Renaissance Atelier

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Students here are completing Master copies of Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato’s ‘The Virgin in Prayer’  which acts as an effective learning tool for Renaissance oil painting methods. Students evaluate the different flesh tones of the face being partially in shadow, with the hands in direct light, hitting the folds of the robe the Virgin is wearing.  Also shown is the 1st Painting stage in completing a master copy of Northern Renaissance artist Jan Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring‘ by a student who was completely new to oil painting, and clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of this particular painting process.

In their oil painting studies, students cover canvas preparation, the use of different grounds, composition, directional light, traditional colour mixing (muller and dry pigments), colour/tonal balance, subtlety of line/edges, and the overall atmosphere to be achieved. Victoria is a highly experienced teacher and holds 17 years experience within 4 different London universities, to include BirkbecK UCL. Art courses and workshops are tailored to the specific interests and learning requirements of students, in conjunction with the option of visits to exhibitions and galleries to underpin the learning process. Tuition is available either on a private basis or via small groups to ensure individual attention. 

” A thorough, exacting and very enjoyable Renaissance painting course which examines the processes and procedures in painting at a fascinating period of time.  Victoria is a knowledgeable and patient guide in these methods and also provides an understanding and good sense of the artists of the Renaissance”.    

Ann Green BA (Renaissance Oil Painting Course)