A portrait is a unique gift to record a moment in time, a birthday, wedding or anniversary.  King’s portraits seek to capture the essential persona or unique character of the sitter, in conjunction with creating an obvious likeness. As an alternative to commissioning an oil painting, a charcoal or pencil drawing offers a quintessential black and white profile of the sitter.  Equally a vignette or partially completed oil study can offer a very vibrant expression, particularly suitable for portraits of young children. Other options include family/or group portraits, head/and shoulders, 3/4 or full-length, single/or double portraits. 

Other commissions may include a view of a house, an interior or still life of special treasured objects.

The use of high quality oil pigments gives a brilliance and luminosity together with an exceptional permanency which surpasses digital photographs.

The commissioning process includes an initial meeting to discuss composition, medium/style and is without a fee. Ideally a few sittings follow together with reference photographs. If sittings prove difficult then a portrait may be completed solely with the use of reference photographs.