‘My paintings evolve slowly – in layers of paint and meanings. As each different stage of my painting is completed, then each new layer build upon the previous, towards a final composition and vision.  By embedding my subject matter within daily life this grounds my work, so inviting the viewer to reflect – to seek meanings for themselves…
….My ongoing research into the work of Renaissance Master Artists underpins my practice, and at the same time has established links with them, across time.  This has allowed me the privilege to fully appreciate their lives, working methods and vision’.  
Victoria King MA FRSA is a fine artist, academic and arts consultant who first studied art as a teenage pupil with Charles Gebherd who trained at The Royal Academy.  She then completed fine art studies at Hornsey College of Art (Foundation) and Walthamstow School of Art /UEL with tutors Sir Peter Blake CBE RDI RA, Carel Weight CH CBE RA, Jack Millar, Jack Smith, Fred Dubery NEAC, Olwyn Bowey RA, Richard Rome FRSS and writer Ian Sinclair/Film Studies.
Later post-graduate study led to gaining a MA in Arts Policy & Management from The City University studying with Professor John Pick. King subsequently established Arts Management Consultancy and worked extensively as an independent arts consultant, across the UK voluntary, public and private creative cultural sector – working with local authorities, government agencies, artists/impresarios and arts organisations.
In 1994 King re-established her artistic practice from a SPACE Studio Hackney Wick, on leaving SPACE Studios as the Studios Manager managing 14 different studio complexes.

Concurrently King developed a career as an academic, specialist creative sector university Lecturer, and also Placements Director/Academic Advisor with Birkbeck UCL for the following 17 years until 2011. Also visiting Lecturer with Greenwich, London Metropolitan and Middlesex universities.  
From 1999 – 2018:  King then moved her studio to CF1 at The Chocolate Factory Wood Green where she worked for the following 19 years, as below.
However in 2018, due to the site being scheduled for redevelopment, King moved back to SPACE Studios Hackney Wick as below – exhibiting in HackneyWickED 2019. 
Since 2011 King has completed further studies with The Royal Drawing School, The National Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, Wallace Collection and LARA specifically to research the lives and traditional working methods of both Northern and Italian Renaissance artists.  Other interests include exploring the influence of these methods and practices on English artists during the 1700’s, becoming The English School of Art.
2019  Group Exhibition – Wanstead House, Essex Art Club London.
2019 Group Exhibition – The Trampery, Hackney WickED, London.
2019 Group Exhibition – House Mill Gallery, Essex Art Club Bromley by Bow. 
2019 Group Exibition – The View /Epping Forest, Essex Art Club.
2018 Group Exhibition  – Wanstead House, Essex Art Club.        
2018 Group Exhibition – The Crypt Gallery, HS2 Artists Protest, London.
2018 N22 Open Studios – The Chocolate Factory, Wood Green London.
2017 Group Exhibition – Summer Salon, Lubomirov/Angus Hughes Gallery
2017 N22 Open Studios – The Chocolate Factory, Wood Green London.
2016 Group Exhibition – ‘SIXTY’  – Lubomirov/Angus Hughes Gallery.
2016 N22 Open Studios -The Chocolate Factory Wood Green London. 
2015 N22 Open Studios – The Chocolate Factory, Wood Green London.   
2014 The Untitled Artists Fair – Chelsea Town Hall, Chelsea London. 
2014  N22 Open Studios – The  Chocolate Factory, Wood Green London.
2012/13 N22 Open Studios -The Chocolate Factory, Wood Green London.
2011  Group Exhibition – Le Mur Vivant Fine Art Gallery,Pimlico London. 
2011 N22 Open Studios – The Chocolate Factory, Wood Green London.
2010 ‘Les Peintres d’Haringey’ – L’Office de Tourism Livry-Gargan, Paris.
2000-2010 Annual Open Studios – The Chocolate Factory, London.
1994-99 Annual Open Studios – SPACE Studios, Hackney London.

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