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Victoria King is a UK artist who incorporates traditional Oil Painting and Drawing techniques in her work as used by Renaissance artists over 500 years ago. She regularly works on bespoke commissions maintaining quality by completing projects individually, without the need of assistants.

Originally trained at Hornsey College of Art and Walthamstow School of Art /UEL, tutors included Sir Peter Blake CBE RA, Olwyn Bowey RA, Fred Dubery NEAC, and Jack Smith RCA.  She has completed a range of courses more recently at the The Royal Drawing School and London Atelier of Representational Art.  

Since 2012 her focus has been to research the methods and techniques of Renaissance Master painters particularly the work of Piero della Francesco, Sandro Botticelli, Jan Vermeer and Caravaggio. She has also studied French academic realist painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau for his exceptional mastery of tonal values. The essential beauty of Renaissance Oil Painting lies in the precise layering of paint in a specific order, which holds the colour in light as a luminous veil.

As a former highly experienced creative consultant and university lecturer with Birkbeck UCL, Victoria is able to draw upon this substantive knowledge and experience to enhance her art teaching practice. Regularly offering courses and private tuition on Renaissance Oil Painting and Drawing Techniques this is underpinned with visits to galleries and exhibitions to aid the learning process. Do contact Victoria to discuss your areas of interest and available time to tailor tuition to your individual circumstances.